The best cities for studying in Australia

What are the best cities for studying in Australia? Without a doubt, this country has some of the best cities to study and live in, whether you want to do a master’s degree or if you intend to learn English or take part in a professional training course. Each offers a combination of excellent educational institutions and high standards of living.

Cities for studying in Australia, discover all the options

In this country, one in three university students is foreign, coming from places as diverse as China, India, Korea, Colombia, Malaysia, etc.

Australian cities have many similarities to each other, but each one has its own qualities, which is why at ProStudy Australia we have created a guide to classify the best cities for studying in Australia. We have developed it based on 5 areas: the cost of living, the quality of educational institutions, job opportunities for students, climate, and transportation.

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The cost of living is an important part of choosing where to study and live. Differences in the costs of living between cities are mainly due to variations in housing prices.


Cities with the best quality educational institutions offer students the opportunity to choose better job options at the national and international levels.


Working while studying in Australia is one of the main advantages of choosing this country as a destination. It can help you pay your daily expenses and even pay for your trips around the country to meet new people in the working world, etc.


Due to the large size of the country and the distance between the cities, Australia has several different climate zones. In the north, the climate is tropical, warm, and humid in summer and dry in winter, while the southern parts are cooler with mild summers and cold winters.

Careful! The seasons are opposite of those in the northern hemisphere: December and January are the hottest months in Australia; July and August are the coldest.


Australia’s public transportation system includes trains, buses, trams, and ferries. There are also taxi services in all cities. The types of public transportation available vary in each city.

Discover the best cities for studying in Australia

Major Australian cities

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