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ProStudy Australia is an education agency in Australia dedicated to personalized counselling for international students who wish to study and work in this country. We are a group of professionals who one day arrived with many dreams and a desire to learn, enjoy, study, work, and, ultimately, live the Australian dream.

We understand how difficult it is to leave your family, friends, and home to find new opportunities and adventures. We also know that starting out in another country is not easy and that is why our agency exists to help students before and during their trip to Australia, with the aim of providing them with the best of experiences.

Our team of advisors are Qualified Education Agent Counsellors (QAEC) who are highly trained to help you choose the right path that meets your expectations and that suits your interests and background knowledge.

We partner with colleges and language schools, professional education institutes, and universities in all cities in Australia, so we can give you a broad overview of current courses and on the criteria for choosing them.

Our mission as an education agency in Australia

We offer free services, designed to find the best educational program, the best institution, and the best destination for you.

We understand that “quality education and a favourable environment” are the Mantra of success, and that is why we guide our students to make their educational experience an excellent one.

In short, our aim is to be able to provide you with everything you need so that you can study and work in Australia, with professional, clear, and quality information, contributing all our knowledge and experiences.

For us, it would be a pleasure to accompany you on this travel.

Our core values


We have total commitment, seriousness, and responsibility in advising our clients according to their specific interests, and in accordance with the law.


The quality of our services involves listening to our clients, maintaining a close relationship that allows us to understand their concerns, complaints, suggestions, and at the same time improving and offering quality services to satisfy them.


We understand honesty as a very important value in our long-term relationship with clients; that's why we never promise more than what we are really capable of offering.


At ProStudy Australia, integrity is a symbol of honesty, transparency, and attitude towards our clients; we see all this as a fundamental part of our image.

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