Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a coastal city and the most popular tourist destination in the country. Students love its subtropical climate, its canals and its endless golden beaches. There are plenty of amusement parks, shopping malls and crazy nightlife. There is also a large surfing community, several world surfing championships are held here.

Another reason why international students choose the Gold Coast is that studying here is much cheaper. Tuition fees at public universities are low and you can save much more than in Sydney or Melbourne.

1. Cost of living

Living in the Gold Coast is cheaper than in most other Australian cities. A budget to pay for the basics (accommodation, food, electricity, telephone and some expenses for social activities) could add up to around $250-$400 per week.


2. Educational institutions

Educational institutions in the Gold Coast offer a wide variety of degrees, from vocational training (VETs), undergraduate diplomas, to postgraduate degrees. There are also English schools that offer short or intensive courses, suitable for all levels.

3. Job opportunities

There are part-time jobs for international students that include shopping malls, shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, hotels, construction, cleaning sector, etc. Remember that with the student visa you can work up to 40 hours per fortnight and unlimited hours during the holiday period.


4. Climate

It has an average of 245 sunny days a year, the rainiest days fall in the summer period. The rest of the year the climate is pleasant and the temperature ranges from 16 to 25ºC. During June to August, many Australians escape the colder weather in the southern states for a vacation on the Gold Coast.

5. Public transportation

Gold Coast has an efficient and user-friendly public transport system. There are buses, trains and trams. It serves all parts of the coast and the surrounding suburbs. Also, you can use the same card as in Brisbane and the rest of South East Queensland: the go card.




Cost of housing, nice weather, nightlife, entertainment, endless beaches, surfing


Fewer job opportunities, smaller educational offer.