Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia. It is the most “European” and, without a doubt, also the most cosmopolitan. It has been chosen as the best city in the world to live in for many consecutive years. Also, it is considered the sports capital of the globe. The love for the sport is no secret, it annually hosts the F1 Grand Prix, the Australian Open, MotoGP, among others.

It is easy to navigate thanks to its grid design and its tram system. It even offers free trams that run throughout the city centre.

Another particularity that makes it famous is its lively nightlife: there are great international musical and cultural events, and it exhibits a great variety of local talent in festivals and shows throughout the year.

Its vibrant multicultural life and level of social inclusion attract more than 170,000 international students each year.

1. Cost of living

Living costs in Melbourne are high, a fairly common budget to cover the basics (accommodation, food, electricity, telephone and some expenses for social activities) could add up to around $430- $625 per week.


2. Educational institutions

According to QS World University Rankings, Melbourne is the best city to study in Australia and the third-best in the world. Whether your studies are related to vocational training, English or university, you will learn with the best, in facilities that offer an enriching and rewarding student experience.

3. job opportunities

The city has a diversified economy with an emphasis on finance, education, manufacturing, construction, logistics, and tourism. Several of the mayor companies in the country have their headquarters in this city. The types of jobs that students undertake do not require them to have any specific skills or qualifications.


4. Climate

The weather is subject to sudden changes in temperature owing to both the cold air masses from Antarctica and the hot and dry air from the Australian desert. The climate is very changeable, so much so that you can experience all four seasons in one day. The wind is also quite frequent.

5. Public transportation

It is one of the best-connected cities in Australia. There are buses and trains like in any of the big cities, but Melbourne is known for its extensive tram network. Whether you opt for a tram, take a bus or train, you can get almost anywhere without a car. All you need is a myki card – Melbourne’s reusable public transport card.




The best educational offer, wide cultural and sports offer, gastronomy.


Weather, traffic congestion, cost of living.