Perth is the capital of Western Australia, with a population of almost 2 million people, famous for being the most isolated city in the world.

It is full of live music venues and arts, film and comedy festivals. International students can find multiple entertainment options available throughout the year.

There are also plenty of outdoor activities, such as sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, the huge Kings Park and the Swan River that runs through the city. In the surroundings of the latter, you can take walks through its botanical gardens, enjoy areas for picnics and panoramic views of the city from Mount Eliza, among other activities.

Perth is popular for having some of the best beaches in Australia, outdoor enthusiasts living in this city will enjoy beaches with crystal clear waters and fine sand.

1. Cost of living

Perth has lower costs of living than the average Australian city. Those who choose Perth will study in a cosmopolitan environment with less expense than they would in Sydney or Melbourne. An average budget for a student (accommodation, food, electricity, telephone and some expenses for social activities) could add up to around $400-$500 per week.


2. Educational institutions

Perth is considered one of the best cities to study in Australia. There are dozens of English schools and VET centres. The top five universities are The Curtin University of Technology, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University, University of Notre Dame, and The University of Western Australia.

3. Job opportunities

There is a wide variety of part-time jobs in Perth for international students, including supermarkets, department stores, clothing stores, hospitality, coffee shops, hotels, construction, cleaning sector, etc. Remember that as a student you can work up to 40 hours every two weeks while studying and unlimited hours during vacation.


4. Climate

Perth is warm and sunny, most of the year the climate is similar to the Mediterranean. The winter months are rainy and temperate, while in autumn the climate is very mild and with some rain. In spring the climate is mild and warm with little rain. Summers are dry, hot and there is usually some wind.

5. Public transportation

Perth has an excellent public transport system. You can get anywhere on trains, buses and ferries. Inside the centre public transport is free. Outside of the centre you can use the SmartRider: a reusable card, which allows you easy and hassle-free rides on all public transport services in Perth.




Nice climate, employment opportunities, wide educational offer, public transport.


Cost of housing, small cultural offer, it is a bit isolated.