Working in Australia as a student

One of the most frequently asked questions that we get is whether it is possible to work in Australia as a student while taking courses and how to do it. The answer is definitely yes, but you must meet certain requirements and limitations depending on the type of visa you request.

Let’s look at more details!

Working in Australia with a Student visa (Subclass 500)

While studying, you can legally work 40 hours fortnightly (during a two-week time period) and you have no limit during the vacation period.

Since July 2021, the Australian minimum wage has been AUD $20.33 per hour of work and the unemployment rate is very low (4.9%). There is little chance that you will not get a job!

Family members or partners accompanying the student may also work the same number of hours that the visa holder is allowed.

Holders of a higher education visa (research master’s or doctorate) are allowed to work in Australia without time restrictions, and their family members or partner may also work full time.

What are the types of jobs?

Some examples of jobs and wages:

Jobs Wages
$23 - $30
$20 - $25
Hospitality (hotels-restaurants)
$20 - $30
Food deliveries
> $20*
Driver (Uber, Ola o DiDi)
$25 - $35
$20 - $25
Construction labour
$25 - $35
$23 - $30
Warehouse assistant
$20 - $27

*Depends on how many deliveries you have per hour, but you can earn more than $20 an hour.

If you do the math, the wages a student can earn are even higher than the minimum wage.

Working in Australia as a student. Steps to follow

Trabajar en Australia como estudiante

Tax number

Request your Australian tax number: TFN (Tax File Number) / ABN (Australian Business Number).

Trabajar en Australia como estudiante

Bank account

Open a bank account. All you need is your passport and a local mailing address.

Trabajar en Australia como estudiante


Adapt your resume and prepare a good cover letter in the Australian style.


Search and apply for jobs according to what interests you and your previous work experience.

Keep in mind that at some places you will be asked for specific certificates. The courses to obtain such certificates usually last a few hours and are quite easy to get.

For example, if you want to work in the hospitality sector, it is very important to have the RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certificate. It is mandatory for almost all workers for restaurants and bars with a license to sell alcohol. The course lasts approximately 3 hours and costs between $50 and $80.

Another case is the construction sector. To work in this area, you need the White Card, a certificate awarded after completing a basic course on occupational health and safety. The course lasts approximately 6 hours and costs between $30 and $80.

If you want to work in education and childcare, you will need the Blue Card or Work with Children Certificate, which is a mandatory card or certificate to work with children and minors, especially if you are going to work in schools or institutes. To obtain this card, you must fill out a specific form and send it, either online or by mail, to the address that corresponds in each state and make the payment for your application. The cost is between $80 and $150.

How do I look for work in Australia?

The best way to look for work is through people you know, such as fellow students, friends, family, etc. Another way to be successful in the search is to go to and deliver your resume to bars, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, shops, and supermarkets. We also recommend being on the lookout for job listings like GumtreeSeek, and Indeed

We will help you with all the formalities to work in Australia as a student

We know that it is a lot of information and that you may find it difficult to adapt to the labour standards and requirements of another country. For this reason, at ProStudy Australia, we help you with the procedures to obtain the TFN (Tax File Number), open your bank account, prepare your resume and cover letter, as well obtain the necessary certificates. And not only that, but we also actively support you in your job search!

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You can also check the official government website for more information on working in Australia as a student.

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